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About Oak Pilates

Oak Pilates is a WA Boutique Pilates Studio which stands for One Of A Kind Pilates, as we believe that at our studio you will not experience Pilates quite the same anywhere else. Oak Pilates offers you premium Reformer Pilates that comes from the teachings of IM=X Pilates. IM=X Pilates has been bought over from the USA by Owner Sammy McNamee and stands for Integrated Movement Exercise.

We have incorporated the knowledge of our highly trained staff to give you the most beneficial workout according to your needs where we use the Ring, weights and Jog Board. Our form of Pilates is an incorporated style of  movements that combine the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of Pilates with elements of strength and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone, while intensely strengthening the spine and core.

The variation of different classes at Oak Pilates makes it possible to address many people’s fitness levels from the unmotivated to the professional athlete. Our classes will also address your general back pain to someone who is looking for a more intense and precise rehab program.


At Oak Pilates we value our clients by effectively supporting your wellness and helping you to achieve your goals, through maintaining an active lifestyle, making clients happy and satisfied. Owner Sammy Mcnamee went into business as she experienced the power of Pilates first-hand. Pilates fixed her Chronic back issues and now she wants to be able to share that feeling with the world, the feeling of unlimited possibilities – when you have a happy body you have the capability to move and enjoy life pain free.

Seeing personal development motivates the Team at Oak Pilates to deliver an outstanding service. You will leave every workout at Oak Pilates feeling as if you have gained that extra strength and longevity, your body will thank you for it!

At Oak Pilates we strive and stand strong in believing that we create Happy Bodies.

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Our Equipment

You will experience Pilates equipment like no other, because simply you will not find our equipment anywhere else in Australia which is what makes OAK Pilates Really stand for its name One Of A Kind.


Our industrial style Reformer provides increased resistance for a harder workout, removable shoulder rolls to allow each client to enable maximum comfort and a lumbar support. Our reformers have a larger and more stable jumpboard for plyometrics and a larger carriage which moves with a solid and smooth glide. With a longer and lager base to other reformers our reformer allows our clients of all heights to gain maximum stability when lying down.

Cycle Tower COMING SOON!

Our tower is a phenomenal piece of equipment which allows our clients to perform a variety of exercises. Paired with a bike you will experience exercise on a whole other level. Our cycle tower allows you to take all your knowledge from your reformer sessions and get that little bit deeper in to your core and spinal stability. The tower has springs attached and allows us to adjust these according to height, therefore your equipment will always be working and functioning to your needs.