New to Oak / Where to start?

2 Weeks Intro Offer ($69)
Private Intro Offer ($149)
Private Intro Offer
2 x Private 1 : 1 Sessions 

If you are new to Oak Pilates we highly recommend doing our Private Intro Offer.
We offer a Private Intro which Includes 2 x Privates (one on one session) with our supportive and skilled instructor.

Private Sessions allow you to learn about the Pilates Reformer, and how to move correctly on the machine with 1:1 guided instructions from our highly trained staff. You will have the ability to learn in your own time without feeling like you need to keep up with a class and learn the correct techniques to execute throughout your practice.

Your instructor will be able to assess your abilities, technique, and any injuries you may have, which allows us to help you choose the best membership that will help you achieve your goals.


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2 Weeks Unlimited Intro Offer
Unlimited classes - come anytime, any day as many times as you like!!

Our 2 Week Unlimited Intro Offer is something not to pass up! Throughout your two weeks, you can come along and try as many classes as you like before committing to one of our memberships. Our instructors will be there to guide you and show you everything the Pilates Reformer has to offer. We offer a variety of classes here at Oak so it gives you a good chance to be able to jump in and try them all.

We highly suggested starting with our Basic classes as these are essential to be able to know the fundamentals that we incorporate into the way that we move our bodies at Oak Pilates. If you do not know what the fundamentals are and how to execute them properly, then you are probably doing Pilates incorrectly.

We want you to get the best out of your Pilates practice so make sure you make time for your Open & Basic classes so we can move correctly together.