Our Team

Sammy McNamee

Sammy founder of Oak Pilates completed her Pilates Qualification over in the USA in 2012, prior to completing her qualification she experienced the benefit of Pilates first- hand which helped with her chronic back pain at a young age and rehabbing her shoulders after many years of competitive swimming. After working in the USA Sammy decided to move back to Perth and pursue her dreams of opening her own Pilates Studio.  She loves seeing her clients achieve their goals and will never fail in continuing to make sure that there is always another goal in line to achieve through your Pilates practice. After 8 years experience as a Pilates Instructor Sammy will continue to try her hardest to get your sweat on in any session from cardio to slow teasing controlled movements. She loves seeing how the human body moves differently with each client that walks through the doors at Oak Pilates and loves the challenge of helping each individual with what they are looking to achieve.


Fun Fact: Beach, Dancing, Adventure and Laughter you’ll find her at those 4 stops!!

Mia Vrakking

Mia started her journey in Pilates since High school (very much by chance). It began when deciding on her placement for work experience in year 12, and she was looking to find a place where she would be able to work with people within a small business setting.

She was recommended to a small Pilates studio, and began working behind the scenes doing more Marketing and admin-based work, but that very quickly changed once she saw the passionate and dedicated instructors working alongside clients, and being so involved with members. Very quickly her plans changed from business to working in the health and fitness industry and being able to work closely with others, heal bodies, get individuals to move to the best of their abilities.

She went on post High School to get her certificate and has been teaching ever since.  She definitely thinks that it has been a very rewarding experience being able to take people for an hour of their day, and give the time and attention to regroup physically and mentally. She also feels that she has been so lucky to meet so many beautiful people within the communities Pilates create, and can't imagine doing anything else.

Mia has a strong belief that being healthy is priceless, and would love to be part of other's awesome journey while working at Oak Pilates.

Kayleen Russell

Kayleen grew up in a country town where she was always involved in sports. Throughout her school years she decided that she wanted to go into the Health and Fitness Industry which led her to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. During her degree is where Kayleen discovered her love for Pilates. Throughout her three years of study she participated in regular Pilates classes and in her final years of study she then decided she would go on to complete her Certificate in Mat and Reformer Pilates. She has always loved helping others, whether it's been through her studies or with friends and family. From all of her experiences through health, fitness and continuing to help people, these attributes have helped shape the person Kayleen is today. At Oak Pilates Kayleen comes in excited everyday to get out and share her love and knowledge for Pilates with all of our Clients.  

Jade MacDonald-Razvi

Jade completed five years of study at Edith Cowan University to become a Soft Tissue specialized Occupational Therapist. She has had experience in spinal rehabilitation, health promotion & vocational rehabilitation. Jade works with multiple Elite athletes, dance academies and sporting teams with injury prevention, pain management and soft tissue therapy to allow for optimal performance.

Jade was introduced to Pilates after a severe back injury due to competitive sports, throughout that rehabilitation process she discovered the way Pilates can change and enhance the body.

Jade will work with a holistic approach to rehabilitation, treatment and pain management and believes that the mind and body are interchangeable. One cannot perform optimally if the other is lacking.

She loves being involved in such a beautiful community at Oak pilates and is excited to help others discover the importance of movement.

Katie Hanrahan

Katie has always been passionate about health and fitness. She grew up playing sports which led her to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science Majoring in Health Promotion at the University of Notre Dame. With her passion for helping people and exercise, this led her to complete her matwork and reformer qualification at the Pilates Fitness Institute.

She is now furthering her education by studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Notre Dame where she has a passion for sports, specifically AFL and injury management. Katie loves seeing the benefits that athletes receive from Pilates, such as increasing their body awareness, stabilisation and the benefits for injury prevention or injury management.

When Katie is not studying or teaching Pilates, she is working at Claremont Football Club as the Head Trainer. Katie loves seeing the changes that Pilates makes in clients lives, from increased strength, mobility and flexibility which overall increases their health and well-being! With the combination of her love for Pilates and her background in anatomy, Katie loves to help clients feel their best by moving their body and helping them achieve their goals.

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