Our Team

Sammy McNamee

Sammy founder of Oak Pilates completed her Pilates Qualification in the USA in 2012, prior to completing her qualification she experienced the benefit of Pilates firsthand which helped with her chronic back pain at a young age and rehabbing her shoulders after many years of competitive swimming.

After working in the USA Sammy decided to move back to Perth and pursue her dreams of opening her own Pilates Studio.  She loves seeing her clients achieve their goals and will never fail in continuing to make sure that there is always another goal in line to achieve through your Pilates practice.

After 8 years of experience as a Pilates Instructor, Sammy will continue to try her hardest to get your sweat on in any session from cardio to slow teasing controlled movements.

She loves seeing how the human body moves differently with each client that walks through the doors at Oak Pilates and loves the challenge of helping each individual with what they are looking to achieve.

Kayleen Russell

Kayleen grew up in a country town where she was always involved in sports. Throughout her school years, she decided that she wanted to go into the Health and Fitness Industry which led her to study for a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.

During her degree is where Kayleen discovered her love for Pilates. Throughout her three years of study, she participated in regular Pilates classes, and in her final years of study, she then decided she would go on to complete her Certificate in Mat and Reformer Pilates.

She has always loved helping others, whether it's been through her studies or with friends and family. From all of her experiences through health, fitness, and continuing to help people, these attributes have helped shape the person Kayleen is today.

At Oak Pilates, Kayleen comes in excited every day to get out and share her love and knowledge for Pilates with all of our Clients.

Sophie Massy

Born and raised in Perth, Sophie is passionate about movement and living an active life. Being involved in dancing and sports from a very young age, Sophie has been privileged to reap the benefits, both physically and psychologically, from movement.

As a teenager, Sophie underwent a left pelvic reconstruction which ultimately changed her relationship with sports and keeping active. Following this, she was first introduced to pilates and its positive rehabilitation outcomes.

After being a student for many years, Sophie decided to complete her mat and reformer certification with Unite Health under the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

Sophie aims to ignite her passion for movement within all and ensure we can all explore our boundaries in a safe, motivating and empowering environment

Marcela Montezano

Marcela is a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Brazil, she has made a name for herself in Perth with her unwavering dedication to Pilates and movement.

With a fierce passion for her craft, Marcela has spent years studying and training to become the expert she is today. Her first contact with Pilates was in 2004, and she has been practicing ever since. She has completed numerous courses in Brazil and in 2022, she completed her Comprehensive course at Basi Pilates, solidifying her expertise in the field.

Marcela's diploma in Exercise Physiology from Brazil and her study of Exercise Rehabilitation at ECU in Perth are a testament to her commitment to her craft.

Through her work, Marcela is on a mission to help people achieve a better quality of life and movement. Her life motto is to inspire people to push themselves to their limits and beyond, and her passion and drive serve as an inspiration to those around her.

Olivia Gross

Olivia grew up in Torquay, Victoria and was always doing sport! From a young age she did athletics and gymnastics before finding her passion for pole vault.

Liv has been pole vaulting for 7 years, In 2021 she qualified for the Australian U20 world team which also got her a scholarship at the Western Australia institute of sport (WAIS).

In late 2021 she moved over to Perth by herself at 18 years old to join WAIS and now trains and lives in Perth. Liv first found her passion for Pilates when she was referred to join in order to rehab a serious back injury.

After going to classes for a few years and falling in love with the movement of Pilates she decided to do her mat and reformer course.

She is really passionate about living life to the fullest and being grateful for the amazing things life has to offer

Grace Kenyon

Grace is a certified Personal Trainer, pre-and post-natal fitness coach, Pilates Instructor, full-spectrum doula, business owner, and gym manager.

She is absolutely obsessed with coaching movement in a variety of ways and guiding people to find their groove in fitness and health, which is one of the many reasons she loves teaching Pilates.

Grace runs Thrive Coaching, a 100% female-focused community of women getting stronger and fitter and working on loving themselves a bit more every day, she also runs Thrive Birth Coaching, where she works with pregnant and postpartum women to strengthen the deep core and pelvic floor muscles before and after birth. Grace specializes in delivering pregnancy-safe bodywork sessions involving a hybrid of Pilates, yoga, assisted stretching, and gentle massage.

Grace says "I love to support and work with people with all kinds of goals, including performance-based, fitness, health, mindset, weight loss, and aesthetic-based goals". Grace is really passionate about guiding her clients to discover ways of movement to make THEM feel happy and strong.


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