Basic Class

If you are new to Oak Pilates this class is a must! Learning the 5 Fundamentals will help you incorporate the correct technique into your sessions. You will be able to execute your moves with power and have clarity behind why we do what we do at Oak Pilates. We like everyone in our classes to be aware of these techniques otherwise bad habits will be created. You will have the ability to elongate your spine, recruit the correct muscles for the correct exercise, and stabilize your core muscles will become a natural movement.

Don’t let the word basic catch you off guard if you feel like you are a Pilates expert this class should be able to challenge you by putting your Pilates Knowledge to use.

We highly recommend jumping into as many basic classes as you can to master the correct technique that you will need to carry throughout your Pilates Journey. For anyone with back injuries/pain, this is a GO-TO CLASS!

HIIT Reformer Class

This class will be the hardest class you will take at Oak Pilates. This class is cardio driven and we will keep your heart rate up while utilizing your core strength. This class will get sweaty and you will work your way through sequences created to maintain the challenge. Your results from this class will include increased muscle endurance and lots of calorie burning. Do I Hear Challenge Accepted!

Open Reformer Class

Open Reformer builds on everything you have learnt in our Basic Classes to take things to the next level. This class will advance your strength, coordination, stability and aerobic capacity whilst giving you a fun and challenging workout.

Cardio Class

Jump, Jump, Jump around! The word Cardio says it all. If you love the Jump Board this class is for you! Our focus is jumps but we also use the Reformer to its full cardio potential. If you don’t think you break a sweat doing Pilates, we dare you to try walk out of this class dry!

The spring loads in Pilates allowed you to get an amazing Cardio workout with low impact on our joints. To jump you need to engage your core which is where we find our abs. We will help you engage your core to support your back! Our Instructors at Oak will be watching you close to look after any knee or back issues and cater to your physical needs.

Stretch and Roll

Come and join us in a super calm and relaxing environment to clear your mind, stretch and roll out any tight aches and pains. Throughout this class we move our body and allow the resistance of the Reformer to assist us in a deeper stretch for our muscles. We incorporate different styles of the Foam Roller from @BlackRollAustralia where you will get the best results for myofascial release and functional training.

Self-myofascial Release helps us increase mobility, flexibility, muscle recovery, injury prevention, and treatment.

By foam rolling and stretching you will enhance the health of your fascia and muscles. This class will enable you to keep your muscles flexible and strong as we need to maintain a range of motion in our joints to assist us through all forms of exercise, daily life activities to your strenuous movements.


2 Weeks Unlimited Intro offer - $69


At Oak Pilates we offer Privates, this way you can recieve 1 on 1 attention to target your goals. 

If it is a goal aimed around fitness and toning or a specific injury that you are looking to rehab we will have you covered. With our highly trained staff your Private session will cater to exactly what you need to work on. Helping you on how to decompress your spine, exhale to recruit your abs and use your core muscles to perform any exercise. With our fundamentals in place and all eyes on you, you will be achieving results in no time.